While Swift's early years consisted of writing about heartbreak, her current love life or, shall we say, love story is a bit more positive.

While the couple originally kept their romance out of the public eye, they've slowly opened up with the progress of their relationshipwhich we document below.

taylor swift boyfriend timeline

Swift and Alwyn reportedly first met at the Met Gala. Swift and Hiddleston began dating shortly after the Met Gala, but their whirlwind romance ended in September after a summer of PDA. We'll let you make the connection.

While it's not exactly clear when things started to heat up between these two, The Sun reported about a year after the Met Gala that Swift and Alwyn had been together for a few months, with Swift traveling to London to go on dates with her rumored boyfriend—going so far as to wear hats, wigs, and scarves to keep their budding romance on the down low.

A month later, Alwyn traveled to Swift's hometown in Nashville where they were spotted on a quiet coffee date. The two giggled and sipped on their drinks on a private balcony while looking completely smitten. It was also rumored that, by this time, Alwyn already met Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid, two very important members of Swift's girl squad.

Swift proved she was ready to start revealing hints about her boyfriend in the music video for her song " Ready for It? She also types "" into a phone… and Alwyn's birthday happens to be February Alwyn was also seen recording his leading lady's performance at the show, showing off his Instagram-boyfriend skills.

While the two had yet to speak publicly about their relationship up until this point, Swift left another reference to Alwyn in the Spotify video for the song "Delicate" off of her Reputation album. A day before Swift's Reputation stadium tour began, she and Alwyn separately posted pictures of themselves standing next to the same exact cactus tree. Of all the cacti in the desert, it didn't appear to be a coincidence. She still sported a patriotic bikini to mark the day.

Swift kept a low profile at the premiere of Alwyn's film The Favourite. Though she attended with her boyfriend, she skipped the red carpet and instead used a private back door to get in.

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Have no fear, though: they were still photographed sneaking in together, hand-in-hand. In the same month, Alwyn also spoke publicly about Swift for the first time to British Voguesaying, "I'm aware people want to know about that side of things.

I think we have been successfully very private, and that has now sunk in for people. Proud girlfriend alert!Taylor Swift is reportedly super-serious with British actor Joe Alwyn, but you'd hardly know it—the two have been pretty quiet about the whole relationship.

Of course, Taylor's notorious for not-so-subtly dishing on past affairs in her songs you do you, Taylor. So perhaps this is a sign that Joe is here for keeps? I certainly hope so—girlfriend's been through a lot to get to this relationship. Let's take a look at some of her past relationships Joe and Taylor dated for a few months back inbut they broke up in October of that year.

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Young enough. Taylor later went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said Joe dumped her during a phone call last lasted less than a minute. When I look at that person, I'm not even going to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 25 seconds when I was I looked at the call log— it was like 27 seconds.

Taylor also told Ryan that she did a last-minute recording session of the song she wrote about the breakup, "Forever and Always," in order to get it on the album. The two reportedly dated super-briefly Billboard says between March and April They reportedly dated between August and December of It was a fun few months there Lea Michele and John Stamos later grilled Lautner about the romance and song on Facebook Live and he had nothing but great things to say about his ex.

Whew, this one is heavy! Taylor later implied that John could have been a little, okay, a lot nicer to her. The girl in the dress cried the whole way home. This one has never officially been confirmed, but Taylor and the late Glee star reportedly hit it off in the spring of Nothing much every came of it, though, and it fizzled after a month or so of dating, Billboard says.

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And I hadn't talked to him in a couple months. And the song came out, and that day, I got an e-mail from him. And I was like, 'Yes! Fans were surprised when Taylor was spotted strolling through the streets of Brooklyn with her arm around Jake. She feels really burned by him. A year later, a source told Us Weekly that Taylor was "haunted by that relationship," adding that Jake, "totally screwed with her mind. You never know when he's going to leave, you never know when he's going to come back, but he always does come back.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s Relationship: A Complete Timeline

I had to filter it down to a story that could work in the form of a song. Taylor dated the year-old for several months in she was 23 at the timeand clearly she won over his famous family. She thinks she is in love. There were rumors that it was because Taylor came on too strong.Follow Billboard. All rights reserved. As a country pop darling-turned-"Reputation"-slayer, Taylor Swift has certainly become known for writing songs about the ghosts of boyfriends past.

So let's play a familiar game: Which song is about which of Taylor's ex's? We plowed through some of Swift's biggest hits and matched the lyrics to 13 of Swift's high-profile reported former relationships. It's all based on clues, speculation and a few rumors, so there's no guarantee we got 'em all right.

But here are our guesses -- look and listen. Before he broke up with her over a second phone call, Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift seemed to be going strong. Her original reactions to the break-up -- "Last Kiss" and "Forever and Always" -- were a little more scathing, but her latest perspective on the Jonas Brother -- "Holy Ground" -- is a lot more positive. She seems to have gotten over Jonas and is looking back at all the things she loved about dating her fellow pop star. Swift's "You Belong With Me" co-star Lucas Till won her heart on the set of the hit music video, but their relationship was short-lived.

There didn't seem to be much drama, which is perhaps why Till seems to never have had a Swift song written about him. He later spoke out about their brief try at dating, saying that it "didn't work out" because he "really just liked her as a friend.

taylor swift boyfriend timeline

Why assume she's talking about the former teen wolf, who first caught Swift's eye on the set of their "Valentine's Day" flick? Well, she referenced his "tan skin" and "sweet smile.

What likely began as a sweet summer connection ended on a sour note and, of course, in song or, more likely, several songs. At 19, Swift seemed to think that John should have treated the delicate country flower with a little bit more care. Shrewdly entitling the cut after Mr.

Mayer's first name, she spewed out lines like, "Don't you think I was too young to be messed with? The girl in the dress cried the whole way home. I should've known. Swift explained to Yahoo that the "Speak Now" song "Mine" was about a guy, "that I just barely knew put his arm around me by the water, and I saw the entire relationship flash before my eyes.

You never know when he's going to leave, you never know when he's going to come back, but he always does come back. Whether or not they did have the reported three-month fling, Redmayne doesn't appear to have made enough of an impact to earn a song on the pop princess' latest release. Taylor and Zac Efron reportedly started dating for a few months while promoting their movie "The Lorax" in the first part of Both deny the rumors, however, and it doesn't seem like Efron was attached to any of the songs on "Red.

A Complete Timeline of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's Relationship

During an interview with Ryan SeacrestTaylor explained that her single "Begin Again" is about, "When you've gotten through a really bad relationship and you finally dust yourself off. Seems like he was the reason she was singing lyrics like, "I think it's strange that you think I'm funny 'cause he never did. Taylor's rocky, brief relationship with One Direction's Harry Styles was scrutinized by the media from the day the pair stepped out together.We know that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are definitely a couple and possibly about to get engagedif you pay attention to fan theoriesbut so much of their relationship is shrouded in secrecy.

There were tabloid stories, Instagram posts, and overt song lyrics that gave the public so much information to analyze. Inhowever, the couple started stepping out at public events together a bit more.

Swift and Alwyn each attend the Met Gala. Did they meet then? Swift broke up with boyfriend Calvin Harris soon after the gala and started dating Hiddleston. That relationship ended by September Stories break that Swift has a new British boyfriend: Joe Alwyn. But he was a rising star with a number of high-profile movies in the works, including The Favourite and Mary Queen of Scots.

Photographic evidence of the relationship emerges as the paparazzi finally catch Swift and Alwyn together—having coffee on a balcony in Nashville. She wanted us to tell people. Really, really friendly; really good dude. The couple reportedly moves in together. We broke down how the lyrics from various songs on the Reputation album told us this was coming. The couple that Instas together, stays together, right?

Swift and Alwyn both post photos of themselves next to the same cactus while apparently on vacation together. Public date night alert! There were even photos! I think we have been successfully very private and that has now sunk in for people…but I really prefer to talk about work. Swift attends the Golden Globes, for which Alwyn and his Favourite costars had racked up five nominations. The couple hits up several after-parties together. Later that month the couple reportedly attend some Oscars after-parties.

Rumors swirl the couple is headed toward an engagement.

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There are also reportedly brief moments of PDA between the private couple during the documentary. They were spotted together earlier this month at the Golden Globes. In July, Swift surprised fans with the arrival of her eighth studio album, Folklore. Some even think William Bowery, one of the co-writers listed on two songs, might be a pen name for Alwyn. Though the song is not yet streaming, the lyrics are available online.

Joe Alwyn, of course.Taylor Swift keeps her relationship with Joe Alwyn firmly out of the spotlight, with fans often wondering if they're engaged or secretly married!

But how did Taylor and Joe first meet and how long have they been together? Here's a complete timeline Taylor Swift 's album 'Folklore' is full of romantic storytelling and emotional lyrics mostly assumed to be about boyfriend Joe Alwyn, and fans are now waiting to hear even more of how loved up she is on new album 'Evermore'. But how did Taylor and Joe first meet, are they engaged, and what do we know about their romance?

Here's a complete timeline of their relationship Rumours Taylor is engaged to boyfriend Joe crop up every time she gives an interview, releases a song, or posts a photo on Instagram. Her new song 'Willow' from surprise album 'Evermore' already has fans asking if it's a confirmation she and Joe have secretly got married. A post shared by Joe Alwyn joe. Taylor and Joe jetted off to Utah once lockdown restrictions eased and the year-old actor posted a rare photo from their adventures, a snap of himself walking through trees overlooking the huge lake.

Joe's superstar girlfriend was the first to like Joe's upload, given that she was probably the one who snapped the candid moment. According to E! Taylor later confirmed the fact her boyfriend helped her out with some of the songs, telling Entertainment Weekly Joe inspired her to write 'Betty' from a male perspective. She said: "He was the one who originally thought of the chorus melody. And hearing him sing it, I thought, 'That sounds really cool.

taylor swift boyfriend timeline

Taylor and Joe surprised fans by turning up at the NME Awards on 12 February at the O2 Academy in Brixton, and the couple were all over each other as they sat at their table amongst the celebrity guests. When the 'London Boy' singer accepted her award she made it clear she was having a wild time, telling the audience: "This is my first time at the NME Awards, and like, I just feel like everyone here is so shy, so reserved.

Are you guys having any fun tonight? Are you going to come out of your shells at all? Joe makes a small cameo in Taylor's Miss Americana documentary which hit Netflix way back in January where we see the songstress throwing her arms around her beau in one scene, and kissing his hand in the back of a car in another.

Fans are loving that they gained more of a candid glimpse at their relationship in her new Netflix film. After walking the red carpet separately at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Taylor and Joe were sat together for the Golden Globes ceremony, with a few cameras managing to snap the couple looking completely loved up.

During the evening they were pictured looking totally in love, as the star held her hands to her actor boyfriend's face while they chatted in a complete world of their own at an after party. They were also photographed chatting intently at their table, with Taylor placing her hand on her beau's leg.

The 'Me! Speaking to The Guardian inTaylor revealed why she doesn't speak publicly about her romance. I really want to keep it feeling manageable. For months, reports on the couple were a minimum as they kept their blossoming romance out of the limelight. But in May it was reported they had been seeing each other for months, and Taylor had even introduced Joe to her best friends Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid. See more Taylor Swift News.Swift has been purposely quiet about her relationship with Alwyn.

In fact, Swift largely uses her social media for promoting her work and sharing photos of her other loves: cats Olivia, Meredith, and Benjamin.

And inthey've been more public about their love than ever before. This includes Swift's confirmation that Alwyn co-wrote two songs off of folklore under the pseudonym, William Bowery.

He also helped pen three tracks from Swift's latest record, evermore. Nobody knows for sure when Taylor and Joe first met. Swift was still dating Calvin Harris. It was an eventful night for Tay. A month after breaking up with Hiddleston, Swift went to a Kings of Leon show with her friends.

Online sleuths have since determined that Alwyn was at the show, too. Swift and Alwyn seemed desperate to go incognito in these pics. She wanted us to tell people. Both Alwyn and Swift posted photos of themselves, solo, standing next to the same cactus.

A post shared by Joe Alwyn joe. A post shared by Taylor Swift taylorswift. In early October, Swift finally waded into the political world to endorse two Tennessee congressional candidates, after a career-long silence.

Weird Things We Can't Ignore About Taylor Swift's Latest Relationship

After two years of knowing him, Swift finally posted something about Alwyn — or at least, his work — on Instagram. No one is obliged to share their personal life. He also declined to name a favorite Swift song. Esquire asked him if he sought out any guidance from friends when he started dating Swift. Swift popped up at the Cineworld Leicester premiere of Mary Queen of Scots as well as an after-party.

Other than that, the couple has stayed mum — but with awards season coming up and Alwyn appearing in two Oscar-bait films The Favourite and Mary Queen of Scotsthey might just make their red carpet debut any minute.

Although they didn't walk the red carpet together, an Us Weekly source claimed the two got quite flirty while she was onstage.

She looked over her shoulder and gave a sassy cute little smile at his table's direction. The two were even photographed walking together hand-in-hand. A rare occurrence for this secretive duo! As Swift continued filming the big screen version of Cats in London, reports swirled that getting engaged to Alwyn was not far off. A People source echoed those sentiments, saying, "Taylor really got lucky to meet Joe, and she is the first one to say it.

Joe really is one of a kind. Later in the month, the couple made it a double date with similarly private pair Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse. Per an Us Weekly onlooker, the four low-key celebs dined at San Vicente Bungalows in Hollywood, spending the night laughing and talking.

In the lead-up to the release of Swift's seventh studio albumdon't expect too many sad love songs on the track list. It appears that Alwyn and Swift are stronger than ever, liking each other's dual career-focused Instagrams on July Ahead of the August 23 release of her album LoverSwift already revealed to fans that new music would address her current relationship Not just flowers and sunshine but the patchwork emotions that go into any love you feel.

Once the album dropped, fans began dissecting every song for hidden clues about the couple. Some were even convinced the songs "Lover" and " Paper Rings " were Swift's big marriage reveal. Swift continued to avoid talking about Alwyn in interviews. I really want to keep it feeling manageable.To date Taylor Swift is to essentially guarantee that you will be immortalized in one of her albums. From her first high-profile boyfriend at 18, the singer has relied on a never-ending string of romantic relationships to inform her songwriting.

Check out our timeline of Taylor Swift's unique and extensive dating history that matches her exes to her hit songs. Taylor dated Joe Jonas in the summer ofbut things were over by fall. Still, the relationship remains infamous because of its cruel and cold end.

In a November appearance on EllenTaylor explained, "When I find that person that is right for me he'll be wonderful. And when I look at that person, I'm not even gonna be able to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 25 seconds when I was Did I say something way too honest, made you run and hide like a scared little boy? One year later, while hosting Saturday Night LiveTaylor apparently still held a grudge.

Hey Joe! But a lot can change in a decade. In MayTaylor returned to Ellen.

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During a segment called "Burning Questions," DeGeneres asked her guest to name the most rebellious thing she did as a teenager.

We laugh about it now but that was some mouthy—yeah, just some teenage stuff there.

Taylor Swift's Boyfriend Timeline: 12 Relationships & Their Songs

That's not to say she doesn't still rely on their short-lived romance for material. Fans suspect that the song "Invisible String" on her album Folklore is about Jonas. In MarchTaylor briefly dated actor Lucas Till. The two met on the set of Hannah Montana: The Moviebut the flame flickered out after just one month.

Till managed to escape the relationship unscathed. While there don't seem to be any songs written about him, he did manage to nab a spot in the music video for her song, "You Belong With Me. August marked the birth of Taylor Squared—a five month-long period where Swift was linked to Twilight star, Taylor Lautner.

taylor swift boyfriend timeline

The two met on the set of the rom-com Valentine's Dayin which they play high school sweethearts. Their attempt at a real-life romance didn't last very long, but sources say that neither shed tears over it.

Taylor reflected on their time together in "Back to December," off of her album Speak Now. But perhaps their age difference—Mayer is 15 years her senior—is something they couldn't overcome. In Octoberactor Jake Gyllenhaal entered Taylor's life. It was quite a splurge for a romance that lasted all of three months. And Gyllenhaal is still paying the price for it in other ways. In a tense interview with The Guardianthe actor repeatedly shuts down questions regarding Swift.

Meanwhile, Swift predictably worked through her feelings by writing 's Red. When asked if it's still at her placeactress Maggie Gyllenhaal said, "It's totally possible. I don't know. It all started when word got out that "Starlight," off of Redwas inspired by the relationship between Bobby and Ethel Kennedy.

Rory, Ethel's daughter, reached out to Taylor and gave her entry into the famed family's world. Unfortunately, rumor has it some of Kennedy's blue blood relatives weren't too keen on the musician. In August, when Taylor showed up at the wedding of one of Conor's relatives, the mother of the bride asked her to leave. Swift, whose entrance distracted the entire event, politely introduced myself to her, and asked her as nicely as I could to leave," Vicki Kennedy told the Boston Herald.

She seemed to look right past me.